Georgia Stucco Guarantees, Warranties and Bonds

Georgia State law does not require homes with stucco systems to have siding guarantees, warranties, or bonds. However, with the advent of the bad press generated by water intrusion into stucco systems, most realtors are insisting their clients obtain a stucco siding warranty in order to facilitate the sale of a stucco home.

There is some confusion in the marketplace regarding stucco siding warranties, guaranties and bonds, and a one-year stucco guarantee on work performed by a stucco repair contractor. The difference between a one-year contractor stucco repair guarantee and a stucco siding warranty, guarantee, or bond is as follows:

Georgia House Bill #1382 requires any company offering a guarantee, warranty, or bond on a stucco system (synthetic EIFS or hard coat stucco) meet the level of insurance coverage stipulated in the law in order to be approved by the State of Georgia.

Moisture Warranty Corporation is currently the only company approved by the state of Georgia to offer a stucco warranty and is underwritten by Residential Warranty Corp., which is a national warranty company in business over 25 years. Any other company offering a guarantee, warranty or bond on stucco systems in Georgia without the required insurance backing, and the approval of the office of the Insurance Commissioner, is in violation of Georgia law.

Moisture Warranty Corporation is an independent company and does not provide stucco inspections or stucco repairs. However, they do provide a list of approved stucco inspectors and stucco repair contractors that meet their inspection and repair protocols. Stucco & Masonry Renovators LLC is an approved, and recommended, stucco repair contractor for Moisture Warranty Corporation. Confirming Georgia Approval of Stucco Warranties, Guarantees and Bonds

If you wish to determine if a stucco warranty, guarantee, or bond is approved by the state of Georgia, contact the Georgia Office of Insurance and Safety.

Two-year Full Warranty and Five-year Limited Warranty

As of 2009, Stucco & Masonry Renovators LLC extends a residential limited warranty for a period of five (5) years from the time of completion of the originally contracted work in the following situations:

All other situations are covered by our full warranty for a period of two (2) years from completion of the original work performed, during which, we will repair any damage resulting from defective materials or workmanship.

Conditions required to maintain our full 2-yr warranty in force:

1. Others or other trades must not alter/modify the product(s) installed and/or applied by us.

2. Signs of possible deterioration must be reported to us promptly.

3. Full payment of contract must have been received as originally specified in our proposal, including change orders.

Additional conditions required to maintain our limited 5-yr warranty in force:

>4. A concurrent termite control contract with a licensed pesticide company must be in effect at least throughout the warranty period.

>5. A copy of our original Proposal and proof of payment. reported to us promptly.

>6. A periodic (at 24 and 48 month) maintenance inspection must be performed by us for which there will be a nominal charge ($75). During this period, we will inspect our work for possible deterioration other than normal weathering and take any corrective action if so needed, at no cost to the current owner.

class="more-info-warranty">Damage caused by settling and other forces beyond our control are obviously not included in these warranties. When addressing warranty details, the warranty will be limited to the actual work and materials provided by us. We cannot guarantee the proper working order of existing drainage planes and waterproofing systems and membranes. Tuck-pointing and re-pointing of brick/stone when entire areas (i.e., chimney chase, porch steps) are completed, qualify for the five (5) year warranty.

There is no additional cost for these warranties nor are they extendable beyond time limits noted. However, we do offer to maintain your exterior cladding (stucco, brick, stone) and sealants, at a fair cost to be determined according to the scope of work. Please feel free to contact us at any time!