Stucco & Masonry Renovators LLC is a professionally managed, residential contractor specializing in exterior cladding, whose target market is the homeowners in the Metro Atlanta area. The scope of our work ranges from restoration jobs such as hairline cracks in stucco to the installation of complete cladding systems with stucco, stone and/or brick. We take particular interest in situations involving water penetration issues.

Our commitment is to provide you with superior workmanship at competitive pricing, using the best and most advanced products in the market. We never require deposits on our work, for which we charge only upon completion.


The EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) has certified that we have fulfilled the requirements of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Section 402 and have received certification to conduct lead-based paint renovation, repair, and painting (RRP Rule) activities pursuant to 40 CFR Part 745.89 in the jurisdiction of all EPA Administered States.

MoistureFree Warranty Corporation is the nationally recognized solution to concerns about moisture problems in stucco homes (EIFS, hardcoat, synthetic, drainable and other stucco systems). Much more than just a warranty, MoistureFree is your partner in solving your moisture problems by helping you through the solution process.

Licenses and Insurance

Georgia Corporation LLC Annual Registration

We annually comply with the registration of the limited liability company (LLC). Please click the icon on the left which will redirect to the Georgia Corporations Division.

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

We are fully licensed and insured for the protection, benefit and welfare of our clients and employees. Certificates of insurance are available to clients on request. To review, please click on the icon of the left.

Workers Compensation Insurance

We are fully covered by workers compensation insurance. Why is this important? Because carrying this insurance helps to protect homeowners’ interests and reflects a high level of professionalism on the part of the contractor.


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